Sinus Line

**these products contain Eucalyptus Essential Oil**

What Others Say About Our Sinus Line

Hi Kelly, Thanks to your Sinus Stick, I no longer suffer from allergies of any kind ... it is nothing short of a miracle! I had itchy watery eyes and sneezing spells from time to time growing up in New Jersey. I moved to Oklahoma in 2002 and began to develop major sinus inflammation about a year or so later. Over the counter medications and even prescriptions barely made a dent in easing the inflammation and my complete inability to breathe through my nose and I wasn't too thrilled at the thought of using a netti pot. After 8 straight months of breathing through my mouth and restless nights I was at my wit's end! I discovered Kelly's Soaps through an event at my workplace. I noticed the Sinus Stick and thought, "Well, I've tried everything else so ... why not?". I began using the Sinus Stick every night when I hopped in to bed: I'd use my finger to rub the product around the edges of my nostrils and breathe in the sweet eucalyptus aroma as best I could. Within a week or maybe even a few days I could finally breathe through my nose. That was 8 or so years ago and I've been sinus pressure / stuffy nose / allergy free ever since. I faithfully apply this product every night and I am so thankful for it. WHAT A LIFESAVER!

Kathleen Underwood

Good Morning Miss Kelly and thank you for your Sinus Salts!!! I have now slept for 2 nights in a row!!! By using the Kit I purchased at the CTCA craft fair!!!" I bought another for my friend Art last night and am very anxious for him to try them!!! I am carrying my Sinus Stick with me at alllll times!!! I highly recommend these products to all my friends and anyone who might read this on your website!!! I am wondering if you need a traveling sales person!!!??? I love these products!!!

Glen Seaton