Sinus Blend Room & Linen Spray

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Our signature Sinus Blend Essential Oils in a linen safe, skin safe spray base.  Just a few sprays under your pillow will keep you breathing through your nose comfortably all night long.  We have been given numerous testimonials that this helps prevent & stop snoring.


8 reviews for Sinus Blend Room & Linen Spray

  1. Dana Andreassen

    A couple of sprays on my pillow before bed when I am sick helps me sleep all night long. I also use it if I have a headache or migraine. Absolutely love all the sinus products.

  2. Connie Scott

    This is also amazing, have used for several years!!

  3. Susan Ludeman

    I have terrible allergies. I love this spray. I use it on my pillow, in my car, and on the towel I take to Pilates class.

  4. Robin Waller

    I love to spray this on my pillow before going to bed! It helps me to breathe better all night. I also spray it throughout the house.

  5. Jamie

    Love the sinus blend line. I spray this on my pillow nightly since I have year around allergies. It helps a lot!

  6. Carrie Martinez

    I love the sinus spray! The students in my classroom do also. They beg me to spray it around the room during cold season.

  7. Rachael Condley

    Love love love this product! We buy several bottles at a time to use in our homes, in our cars, and at work. Highly recommend if you have any trouble at all with seasonal allergies.

  8. December Griffith

    I love this!! I have used it for several years and it’s a must have for me! It smells so good!

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