What Our Customers Say

Hi Kelly, Thanks to your Sinus Stick, I no longer suffer from allergies of any kind ... it is nothing short of a miracle! I had itchy watery eyes and sneezing spells from time to time growing up in New Jersey. I moved to Oklahoma in 2002 and began to develop major sinus inflammation about a year or so later. Over the counter medications and even prescriptions barely made a dent in easing the inflammation and my complete inability to breathe through my nose and I wasn't too thrilled at the thought of using a netti pot. After 8 straight months of breathing through my mouth and restless nights I was at my wit's end! I discovered Kelly's Soaps through an event at my workplace. I noticed the Sinus Stick and thought, "Well, I've tried everything else so ... why not?". I began using the Sinus Stick every night when I hopped in to bed: I'd use my finger to rub the product around the edges of my nostrils and breathe in the sweet eucalyptus aroma as best I could. Within a week or maybe even a few days I could finally breathe through my nose. That was 8 or so years ago and I've been sinus pressure / stuffy nose / allergy free ever since. I faithfully apply this product every night and I am so thankful for it. WHAT A LIFESAVER!

Kathleen Underwood

Good Morning Miss Kelly and thank you for your Sinus Salts!!! I have now slept for 2 nights in a row!!! By using the Kit I purchased at the CTCA craft fair!!!" I bought another for my friend Art last night and am very anxious for him to try them!!! I am carrying my Sinus Stick with me at alllll times!!! I highly recommend these products to all my friends and anyone who might read this on your website!!! I am wondering if you need a traveling sales person!!!??? I love these products!!!

Glen Seaton

Hi Kelly! This is the first time I have ordered over the internet. Usually I always see you at our hospital or trade shows and get my products from you there. I can't be the only man in Tulsa who suffers from dry skin on his legs during the cold winter months. Sometimes the only way to get the itching out is with VERY HOT shower water. I have tried everything on the market over the last 10 years and still suffered. Until Emu Oil in the 1oz bottle!!! It has a wonderful smell and goes on perfectly. NO More itch during winter months. Anyone can have the same results as I did believe me. Thanks more than you can ever know.

Justin Hawk

Just wanted Kelly's Soaps to know that I suffered from dermititis on my feet for 3 years and recently a friend gave me a stick of your Peppermint & Tree Oil stick to use on my calluses. I've tried everything to get rid of the dermititis...and this stick has done wonders. I use it a couple of times a week and have not had any more breakouts. This was a miracle in disguise. I can now go to a salon and have pedicures without fear of passing something on to someone else. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product. Keep up the great work you are doing!!!


My husband suffers from allergies and snores dramatically as a result of his constricted air flow. I bought a sinus stick from Kelly's Soaps on a whim, thinking "it will smell good and do little". I have bought many products over the years that have not helped one bit. What a surprise to find out that using the sinus stick nightly dramatically changed his life. He rarely snores and is not plugged up in the mornings. As a result, I have started using the sinus stick on a regular basis and it works like a charm. I plan to try eliminating my nightly Zyrtec and hope the stick will keep things under control. I will let you know. I highly recommend trying the stick and hope you have the same great results we have experienced.

Priscilla Howell

Kelly, I can't begin to thank you enough. I just returned from a 2 week car trip in a rental car where we drove close to 4000 miles. The passenger seat had no lumbar support and I had fallen and thrown my back out just before we left. The pain was excruciating. I had tried heating pads, muscles heat and cold pads, support belts, every known muscle product on the market and not only was the smell overwhelming but the products only helped a very short time and the pain would come back over and over and worse each time. I had forgotten that I had purchased the muscle rub with Emu oil in one of my several orders and pulled it out and used it yesterday. You're are a miracle worker. INSTANT RESULTS!!! NO SMELL, NO PAIN and I can be myself again without the smell or heavy medication. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I've used other products or yours, the sinus salts and oil I give out at Christmas as gifts and have sent many people your way because of these, callus stick, eye butter and more. I don't know how you do it but please don't stop!!! I have yet to find something I don't like. I have to travel again this coming weekend and I'm not dreading it now because of you. Thank you so much for your products. A loyal fan and customer,


I have an African American foster baby and have struggled to keep her skin and hair moisturized; she also has a touch of eczema on her leg. I recently purchased bottles of your body lotion, body butter, and body oil to test them and see which one works for her. The good news is that they're all wonderful. The she loves having the body lotion massaged into her arms and legs after her bath and it smells sooo good. The Kauai Ginger Blossom aroma is a treat to the senses and the lotion has improved her eczema dramatically. You can barely tell where it is. I use a light spritz of the body oil for her hair and it leaves it wonderfully soft without making it greasy. People often are astonished at how soft her hair is. These products have made her life and mine much easier. Thank you from both of us!

Charlene Stanford

My son, when he was an infant and currently, has horrible eczema. I used the lotion on him, because at the time I didn't know you had the body butter, and since then it cleared it up. I will never use another product for eczema on him besides the body butter, lotion, and the lavender and oats with essential oils. We can not live without your products now.

Christy Bratton

I am amazed! I have had problems with my heels for years! They have been cracking and just very dry. I have used many products to try to resolve this issue, but nothing seems to work. I ran into you at the Tulsa Home and Remodeling Show this past weekend. I purchased your Peppermint & Tea Tree Foot Scrub and Callous Stick. I have never in my life seen anything work this quickly! I have used the foot scrub one time and my heels look like I am 25 again! I am so thrilled with this product I have called all of my family and friends to let them know how to find you! I thank you so much! I would love to see you put together some Christmas bags for us to purchase on line! That would be a great way to share with friends and get your products out there! I wish you would have seen my heels Friday and could see them now! They look absolutely great! I am impressed with the products! Thanks so much! Sincerely,

Bryn Burns

I bought some of your soap this past weekend at the Tulsa Home & Garden show. I've fallen in love with it and would LOVE to try some more of your products. I had been using ProActiv since last July, and now that I'm using (just your regular) soap on my face, it has really cleared up and feels so nice. Since just your regular bar soap has had this wonderful outcome on my face, I can't wait to use your face products! Sincerely,

Shauna H.

Dearest Kelly, After being in the retail business for 20 years, I can honestly tell you that I have tried literally hundreds of products that offer a variety of benefits. I have carried professional exclusive boutique beauty products endorsed by celebrities and top manufactures but, none absolutely none "hold a candle" to your products! Thank You for allowing customers such as myself the opportunity to purchase such "life - altering" products. Your products have literally changed the life of my 2 year old son. After a 2 year struggle with medical complications he "no longer suffers with a bleeding bottom area." In his words, "ok, ok, no hurt, makes it better." I will ever be entirely grateful for all the emu products, salts and soaps.

Connie Bush

Dear Kelly, Your Muscle Rub with Emu Oil works wonders with my fibromyalgia. The pain relief is immediate. Thanks much!

Kathy T

Kelly, I have arthritis in my knees and I have tried all kinds of lotions to help ease the pain in my knees. My daughter was at the show in Tulsa awhile back and bought me a jar of the Muscle Gel with Emu Oil. Now, I've tried other Emu products but nothing has helped ease the pain in my knees as your product did. After using it the first time the immediate relief I had was amazing. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Debbie B

Dear Kelly, I love your products. Thank you so much for the samples of the products that you gave me at the craft show in October a couple of years ago. I love everything I have ordered. I was going through chemo at the time and the treatments had left a lot of damage on my skin. I have used the facial soap with ostrich oil and my face has returned to a more youthful appearance than that I had before chemo. I keep a couple of those bars around, one in the shower and one at the sink. I love the lip butter. I keep several around all the time, one in my purse, by my bed and near the chair where I sit. The eye butter is awesome. I keep two around all the time, one for taking off make-up and one for wounds and scars. It has been very helpful with keeping the scarring to a minimal. Those are just my personal favorites. I have given many of your products for gifts and others have been able to enjoy the same stuff and then asked where I got them. Thanks for not only handmaking all the stuff in your home and being a friend, but educating me on how the products could be so helpful for a lot of other things.

Michelle Mitchell

Dear Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that I used some of your Body Butter at the arts & crafts fair in Muskogee OK when I was visiting for Thanksgiving. I have psoriasis and what your body butter has done just on my elbows is incredible. As you can imagine, I have used tons of prescription creams as well as over the counter lotions, but none of them have worked as well as your butter. Most of the time the creams and lotions will sooth for a day or so, but on my elbows, your butter has kept my psoriasis so soothed it is almost invisible! I also has allergies and my oldest daughter (12 yrs old) and I were just recovering from a nasty flu, we had not been able to breath for two weeks, despite many over the counter decongestants. After just smelling your sinus salts, both of our sinuses opened up and we were able to breath. You have wonderful products and I cannot wait to purchase from you online! You can bet you will be hearing from me and I plan on telling many friends!

Annette VanHecke

Dear Kelly, I want to let everyone know that the butter is the most fabulous stuff for your face. (I think I want everyone to know, maybe not ;-)) I had enlarged pores, but no longer, not since I have been using the butter on my face. You would be surprised how many people have asked me what I have done, like maybe change my hair color, had my hair cut, and etc, where actually all it is is the BUTTER. The secret to using it is: Have clean face, melt the butter in your hands place on your face, wait a minute and then put your regular moisturizer on top, let set for the night or after a minute put your base makeup (you will actually use less, and look better, kind of a glow) on, and you know the rest of the routine. I have given it to several of my friends, and they can not get over the difference. The daughter of one remarked she did not know what kind of makeup she was using now, but whatever it is DO NOT stop using, because it has a special glow about it. So as you can see it makes you look great, but what's even better is that it is great for the skin. Kelly, as I have said before DO NOT go out of business!

Nancy Boss