Sinus Stick®

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Sinus Stick®

Our signature Sinus Blend in all natural butters & oils.  Convenient to carry in your pocket or your purse.  Just apply a small amount under your nose, as well as wherever you feel the pressure coming from, such as temples, sinus passages or the back of your neck. 

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1 Sinus Stick® (5/8 ounce), 2 Mini Sinus Sticks® (1/4 ounces each)

14 reviews for Sinus Stick®

  1. Dana Andreassen

    This product is AMAZING!!! I found this Sinus Stick about 5 years ago at a craft fair and thought why not. It worked so well that many of my coworkers come to my classroom to borrow it. Not only does it help with my sinuses, but I found it is one of the only things that help with my migraines. A little bit of this on my temples when I feel a headache coming on works miracles. When my daughter was leaving for college, this one the one “medicine” she insisted on taking with her. We love our Sinus Sticks.

  2. Melissa Thompson

    I was suffering with a migraine and had forgotten about my Sinus Stick!! I found it on day 3 of this migraine, used it and almost immediately felt relief! This product amazes me every time I use it!! I most certainly will NOT be forgetting about my Sinus Stick again!!!

  3. Leslea Miller

    I received this as a gift. I used to have a major problem breathing through my nose at night, but this has made it so much easier.

  4. Robin Waller

    I keep this is my desk at work. It helps me to breathe better. Thank you for making this miracle stick!!

  5. Elizabeth Ertel

    I have been using the sinus stick for six years. If you suffer from sinus pressure and pain this will take care of that. I’ve given it to many people. I believe in it that much!

  6. Audrey

    I use this mainly for terrible tension headaches and it is a God Send. I even hooked my mailman up with some and he was so happy for the relief it provides.

  7. Amy White

    Definitely a must have for anyone who suffers from chronic headaches, sinus, tension or migraine.
    Grateful for a quality, natural product that helps reduce the amount of medication I might have had to take otherwise.
    Highly recommend!

  8. Jamie

    I suffer from year around allergies. I put this on my temple when I have sinus headaches and under my nose nightly. I love the smell and it is very helpful!

  9. Ashley Garrett

    My Sinuses are so bad. This stick has saved me over the last few years from all the sinus headaches I have had.

  10. Amber martin

    I’ve used this product for years. I get sinus infections all the time and any time I get one I use my sinus stick and feel relief quickly. I love my sinus stick!

  11. Sara Bascue

    This product is amazing. I can stop a sinus headache with just one sniff.

  12. Pamela Cowart

    Best thing ever! I love it!

  13. Hannah

    Like I have never ever ever written a review but I need to for this product. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PRODUCT EVER! Like it enables you to be able to breathe again. If you are thinking about buying this you one hundred percent should.

  14. Stephanie Sims

    Really smells good when I rub this inside my mask at work. Works really well when cold season comes along. Helps with headaches too.

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