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Our all-natural signature blend of essential oils for opening up the breathing passages & helping to eliminate headaches.  Just simmer a teaspoon or two in water on the stove & everyone in the house will be able to breathe!  You can also just open the jar & breathe or open & set it next to your bed at night, just be sure to replace the lid in the morning.  This is the strongest of the sinus line & does have quite a “wow factor” when you open it.  The 4 oz is great for travel or the office.

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20 reviews for Sinus Salts®

  1. Melissa

    I have a lot of seasonal allergies and the Sinus Salts works wonders!! I can sleep and actually breath while sleeping!! My daughter has asthma and when she has this open in her room, she has much fewer issues with her asthma. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with seasonal allergies, chronic sinus issues or asthma. It has definitely made a difference in our home!

  2. Kristina Dougherty

    These are amazing! Whenever my allergies act up or one of us gets a cold, they come out! Perfect blend, not too strong…

  3. Connie Scott

    This is amazing!! My husband and I have used this for several years now and I have given to my grown children as Xmas gifts and the love it too!!

  4. Stephanie L

    I can’t sleep without my sinus salts, allergies seem to be year round the older I get. This is a lifesaver!!!

  5. Robin Waller

    This is great to just open the lid and leave sitting on the desk. Sometimes I pour a little in a pan and steam on the stove. It helps with my asthma and sinus issues.

  6. Susan Ludeman

    I have given this as a gift and use it myself. Helps with allergies or colds.

  7. Audrey

    I have bought several of these for myself and my kids. Lasts for months and is so soothing and helpful in your bedroom.

  8. Whitney Ludwig

    These are fantastic. I have used this while sniffly and miserable, dissoved in a pot of hot water over the stove. Made me feel good, vapors were soothing to breathe during a head cold.

  9. Amy White

    I have been using these for more than 10 years. I won’t buy anything like this from anyone else. Top quality product that actually works!!
    Great for anyone who suffers from nasal allergies, sinus issues and sinus headaches.
    So grateful for something that works so well without having to take more medications.
    Highly recommend to everyone. Friends, family and co-workers. I even recommended them to my ENT.

  10. Maggie Fleming

    I don’t think there is anything that smells better than this, and does as much good as this. truly the best thing for your sinus problems.

  11. Ashley Garrett

    These are these best at opening my sinuses! Nothing beats it!

  12. Anne Marie

    I discovered this 2 years ago and won’t live through another cold season without it. I have one at home and another at work. Me to my kids (or strangers): Runny nose? Sniff this. Stuffy nose? Sniff this. Know someone you think might be getting sick? Sniff this! I steam it in house, steam in the shower, or just keep it in my desk drawer.

  13. Amber Martin

    I’ve been using this product for years. I love to boil hot water and add the salts, makes us feel better quickly. My kids love this product as well!

  14. Hannah Barnett

    These are by far the best product for me and my family when the changing of the seasons come in to play or anyone even gets stuffy. I can leave a small amount on a toy plate in my daughters room over night and I can hear the night and day difference the next morning. I can literally leave the lid unscrewed but laying on top on my nightstand and feel 1000% better as well. It doesn’t take alot and lasts. I also love to boil a little in a pot sometimes just to help my house smell so great! She has amazing products!

  15. Carrie Martinez

    I LOVE the sinus salts!! My mom and I go to Affair of the Heart in Oklahoma City at least once a year and I always stop at the Kelly’s Soap booth to stock up. I have a jar in my bedroom and another for the rest of the house.

  16. Kelly D

    I love these sinus salts. I’ve put them in a pan on the stove, in a cup in the shower, or just opened the jar and inhaled the amazing scent. Highly recommend.

  17. Becky

    I set an open jar on my night stand at night and don’t get stopped up. I would highly recommend this.

  18. Cheryl Buxton

    I love this. I can honestly sleep so much
    better at night by leaving the lid off. Thank You so much!!!!!

  19. Debra

    These sinus salts are a miracle product. Not only for sinus issues but they will help with migraine pain.

  20. Stephanie Sims

    Works great in a bath and/or bedside with the top off.

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