Skin Pampering Lotion

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Our lotion contains NO parabens & NO formaldehyde!  What it does contain is a high percentage of Olive Oil, Emu Oil, Shea Butter & Sunflower Oil.  This is a little heavier than the usual bottled, store-bought lotion and your skin will thank you.

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Unscented, Almond, Blackberry Sage, Dragon Fire, Honeysuckle, Kauai Ginger Blossom, Relaxation Blend


2oz, 9oz

5 reviews for Skin Pampering Lotion

  1. Christi

    I adore this light weight but super moisturizing cream. I love that it is made with emu oil and although very moisturizing, it is not greasy. It absorbs well and I get the unscented and either use essential oil additions or mix a teeny bit of a scented lotion or fragrance with it.

  2. Kelly

    I have been buying this lotion for 13+ years. My favorite scent is Blackberry Sage. I keep one in my desk drawer and one on my nightstand. It is very creamy, not greasy, and absorbs fast. I love it not only as a hand and body cream, but I love to use it on my feet as well, especially in the Summer when they get so dry.

  3. kw

    Dragon fire scented lotion after a bath happens to be one of the best things that this girl gets some days. I adore the quality, satin smooth finish, and results I get from this beauty!

  4. CNB

    This lotion is the best. Super moisturizing without all the residue that leaves handprints everywhere you go. And because you use a little bit, it lasts a long time. Super great stuff!

  5. Stephanie Sims

    I have several of the Kauia ginger blossom scent. Have one in my purse and one in my bathroom to apply after a shower. The skin pampering oil is really nice too.

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