Women’s Balance Spray

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This skin & linen safe spray base contains Rose & Jasmine Essential Oil, Neroli & White Willow Bark.  These very pricy essential oils help to balance hormones, lower stress & relieve anxiety.  They help balance mood swings, reduce menopause symptoms, eliminate chronic fatigue & improve memory.  Just put 2 to 3 sprays directly on your skin daily.  You can use in place of a body spray because of the floral notes or it mixes well with your perfume.


3 reviews for Women’s Balance Spray

  1. Whitney Ludwig

    I got a bottle of this recently – I don’t know if it balances my hormones but it smells so good I don’t care! <3

  2. Amber Martin

    This balance spray helps me so much, anytime I have PMS or mood issues I spray this on and feel better quickly. Plus, it smells great and is relaxing. One of my favorite products!

  3. Erica Taylor

    I love the Balance Spray. It helps me sleep thought the night without waking up with the heat sweats.

    I have also had my 10 year old daughter use it. It helps her to calm her emotions as she is learning to hormones. One of my families new favorites!

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