Muscle Gel With Emu Oil

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19 essential oils for pain relief in an aloe & glycerin base with is not greasy.  This contains a high percentage of emu oil.  Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it is known for its pain relieving properties.  When you remove the inflammation you get more mobility.  This is a favorite with my customers for arthritis, tired, sore  & achy overworked muscles, fibromyalgia, even restless leg syndrome.  We have been selling this formula for over 15 years with great results.

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4 oz jar, 3.5 oz roll on

18 reviews for Muscle Gel With Emu Oil

  1. Katelynn R

    This product is a miracle worker! It relives sore muscles and your aches and pains! Highly recommend this!

  2. KA

    This really works!

  3. Rhonda

    Love this! Great for sore muscles but also helps with my joint pain!

  4. Robin Waller

    This stuff is amazing!! I was in a car wreck several years ago. I use this for injuries in my neck and back.

  5. Whitney Ludwig

    This is my favorite product from Kelly’s. Helps with shoulder & neck pain, and was a lifesaver when I injured my knee years ago. I tell everyone with aches & pains about this stuff, and it makes a wonderful, useful gift idea for friends.

  6. Susanne Barton

    This helps my arthritis so much! I love Kelly’s products because they are all natural.

  7. Jamie

    This helps with my lower back pain and sciatica. I love the smell as well. I first tried this at the Affair of the Heart. After walking around, I went back and bought it.

  8. Anne Marie

    I picked this little gem up at the urging of a random fellow shopper who swore by it. The hubs has back and shoulder pain from former injuries and not much helps…until now! It’s not a thick white mess with a smell that lingers for days. It’s a smooth gel that absorbs very well and smell that is actually pleasant. There are hints of citrus, then mint, then earthy, and then citrus again. If it passes the hubs test then I believe we have a winner!

  9. Amber Martin

    I have neck pain and this muscle gel helps relax it and take the pain away. I love this product!

  10. Dorothy

    My husband had a tear in his shoulder and icy hot stinks and irritates his skin. He tried this at Affair of the Heart and sensed relief fairly quickly, so we went back and bought some. We ended up giving it to my bro-in-law who still has shoulder pain after rotator cuff repair, and I am ordering more on-line today!

  11. Connie Ludwig

    This gel is amazing. I had knee surgery and it helped so much Managing the pain.

  12. Anna Stewart

    I have fibromyalgia and this is the BEST thing I’ve found to help my pain! I’ve been using it for years and I always refer my friends to this emu oil product, it works better than any other emu oil product that I’ve tried. I’m excited to try the stick version and be able to carry it in my purse. Thank you for making quality products!

  13. Rachael Condley

    I LOVE this stuff! My whole family uses it. It has an icy hot effect but without that horrible smell. Eases muscle pain and soreness quickly! I can even put some on my neck and shoulders before work and I don’t smell like a locker room. Highly recommend!

  14. Eileen Neer

    Cannot say enough about this product…. love love it & gift it to friends who can’t believe its healing, soothing properties.

  15. kw

    This is my all time favorite kellyssoaps product. I have arthritis everywhere and muscle gel gives me enough relief so that I can go to sleep. A little goes a long way but I sometimes layer it on letting product dry between applications. I also infuse with essential oils I’ve found that help with pain.
    There are eo in the jar but what’s a few more drops!

  16. Penny Goodwin

    I have bought the emu cream in the past. I must say that my hands felt soft and not greasy. Last year while visiting family in Illinois, they asked me what skin products that I use and the only thing I could think to tell them is the natural soap and emu oil cream from Kelly. They said that I was not showing wrinkles. Thanks to you, Kelly.

  17. Rhonda Wright

    I know I have reviewed this before but I have to add more! I suffered a lower back strain 3 weeks ago, it was debilitating. I first grabbed my husband’s bio freeze, I felt no relief. The next day I started using my Emu Oil muscle rub. Instantly I could feel relief. Not only has my jar lasted me almost a year it made it thru the daily use of the past 3 weeks. This is a must have! I will be replacing my jar and looking a lot closer at the rest of her products!

  18. Stephanie Sims (verified owner)

    I carry a rollerball in my purse so it is with me everywhere I go. Really helps during my long shifts at the hospital. Even works on tennis elbow!

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